Tempereringsmaskin T35

It is POMATI’s biggest tank, perfect for large-scale chocolate and chocolates production, requiring a technologycally savvy operator. Like all other tempering machines, the T35 yields a uniform heat distribution on chocolate, while also ensuring reduced energy consumption.
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Tempereringsmaskin T20

With a tank having a 24kg. capacity, the TEMPERING 20 is the perfect choice for those who want quality, speed and simplicity. The foot-pedal operated dispenser, which is featured on other POMATI tempering machines, allow operators maximum control and efficiency.
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Tempereringsmaskin T10

The T10 TEMPERING MACHINE can bring an extra gear to chocolate production. Like all other POMATI Tempering Machines, the T10 features a forced-air cooling system which yields an extremely fluid chocolate even for prolonged processing times.
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Tempereringsmaskin T8

The T8 TEMPERING MACHINE features all Pomati attributes: heated and thermosealed chocolate tank, digital and thermosealed temperature commands. With its 9 kg of maximum capacity, this machine is the ideal helper for small chocolate and pastry laboratories.
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Tempereringsmaskin T5

Easy to operate, the T5 Tempering Machine is of fundamental help in pastry shops, ice cream parlors and HORECA establishments. Built to melt and temper any type of chocolate; direct auger tempering allows chocolate fluidity and a perfect crystal blend, thus an end product of exceptional quality.
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Enrobing belt

Complete your production line with Pomati Enrobing belt.
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Tilting enrobing belt

Complete your production line with Pomati Tilting enrobing belt.
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Kjøletunnel Cooling Tunnel Pro

Perfect cooling is not just a question of temperature. Expressly designed and built to cool products like chocolate Easter eggs, cookies, and covered sweets.
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Doseringsmaskin One Shot OSD-10

The One Shot Depositor OSD-10 allows to manage an hourly production up to 360 molds per hour of ultra-thin, filled and customized-shape chocolates. For this reason, its ease of use and optimization of production times can surprise: quick cleaning permits to change format in no time.
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Doseringsmaskin Vitti Multifunctional

Vitti, automatic dosing machine for filling pralines, bars, macarons and jars with different viscosities.
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